Click to Copilot versus Copilot for SharePoint

Copilot inside SharePoint….. Times 2? In case you haven’t heard, a SECOND Copilot experience was announced for SharePoint. Let’s dive into why there are two different copilots, how they are different, and what these changes mean for you.

Two Copilot Experiences

So, what are these two experiences? One is called “Click to Copilot,” and it’s the newest-announced product. The other one is called “Copilot for SharePoint.” They sound similar, right? But they serve different purposes.

Who Are They For?

Click to Copilot

This is mainly for end users, especially those who are just viewing a SharePoint site. Think of it as your friendly helper to summarize pages, find documents, and get the information you need directly from the site you are on. It’s a bit like Copilot for M365 but with a narrower scope, focusing only on the specific SharePoint site you’re visiting or maybe a small selection of sites.

Copilot for SharePoint

This is aimed at page editors and content creators. This Copilot helps you create and edit pages within SharePoint. It can even help with creating content from scratch using resources like PowerPoint files or Word documents. It’s perfect for those who might need a hand with the design and layout aspects, like me. I’ve got no artistic ability at all, and I need all the help I can get.

How Do They Work?

Click to Copilot

This functionality is focused on finding and summarizing information on a particular SharePoint site. For example, say you need to find an HR policy. You don’t have to browse through all the document libraries; instead, you can ask Click to Copilot, and it will find the information for you.

The creation of these “lite” custom copilot will be fast and designed for end-users, who can choose the content to ground the copilot against. They’ll also have the ability to customize the starting prompts, welcome message, and other aspects of the copilot, all without leaving SharePoint. For more advanced customizations, you’ll have Copilot Studio to leverage to transform this from a “lite” custom copilot to a proper custom copilot.

Copilot for SharePoint

With Copilot for SharePoint, you can directly interact with it to create and edit content. At the moment, there’s no options to extend this, but it’s probably not needed. This is designed to use as-is. It will live in the page editor experience, and will be there when you need it.

It’s a 1st-party Copilot (notice the capital ‘C’) versus a 2nd or 3rd-party custom copilot (lower case ‘c’). This will offer similar power to what we see in Copilot for Microsoft 365, specializing in content creation and editing. 

Pay no attention to the fact that Microsoft hasn’t talked much about this lately. This feature will be part of a broad effort to transform the page editing experience, and you will love it.

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Different Timelines

The rollout timelines for these copilots are different:

Copilot for SharePoint is already beginning to roll out as of May 2024.

Click to Copilot was just announced and will be available later this year. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get delayed!

Scope and Impact

The scale and potential impact of these two copilots differ as well:

Click to Copilot is a more extensive product with a lot of future possibilities. Users can create custom copilots and add advanced functionalities via Copilot Studio. Users can choose which custom copilot they want to interact with, depending on their needs at the moment.

Copilot for SharePoint is more focused and designed specifically for content creation. Even though it has a narrower scope, it will still significantly impact content creators by making their jobs easier. Creating intranet content will result in richer, more visually engaging content. All the birds will sing, people will hold hands, the world will be a better place. Okay so maybe not, but at least your content will be better!


In summary, both copilots bring something valuable to the table: Click to Copilot is perfect for end users needing quick access to summarized information. Copilot for SharePoint is a boon for content creators looking for assistance in creating and editing pages. Both will enhance your SharePoint experience, making it easier to find information and create engaging content. If you want to learn more about either of these copilots, keep checking back here as well as my other channels like YouTube, LinkedIn, and X, where I’ll keep making content on these topics.

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