SharePoint Embedded Public Preview

Enterprises globally trust Microsoft 365 for safeguarding their crucial content, and now Microsoft is taking it a step further with the public preview of SharePoint Embedded. This innovative platform introduces a headless, API-only pattern, allowing the creation of custom content apps seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 tenants. Here’s a closer look at what SharePoint Embedded brings to the table:

Why SharePoint Embedded Matters:

Microsoft 365 users can now enhance their line-of-business apps using SharePoint Embedded, ensuring a unified and familiar experience for both users and administrators. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can leverage this technology to incorporate Microsoft 365 content management capabilities into every enterprise app they develop.

Key Features:

  1. Security and Compliance:
    • Extend advanced Microsoft 365 security features like audit, eDiscovery, and Bring Your Own Key to your app.
    • Leverage business continuity capabilities, including autoscaling, high availability, and disaster recovery.
  2. Collaboration:
    • Deliver Microsoft 365 collaboration within your app, providing coauthoring capabilities in tools like Word and PowerPoint.
  3. Content Management Capabilities:
    • Embed Microsoft’s trusted content management features, such as search, content preview, and version tracking.
    • Utilize SharePoint Premium functionalities like document processing, eSignature, and content assembly.
  4. Flexible User Experience:
    • Craft a custom user experience, putting your app in control of security, lifecycle, and management.
  5. Scalability with Containers:
    • Introduces containers, a new storage primitive, offering a highly scalable approach to managing content.
    • Enables a rich information and security architecture for demanding modern apps.

Real-World Applications:

Leading global entities like KPMG and legal technology innovator Peppermint Technology are already benefiting from SharePoint Embedded. KPMG utilizes it to secure collaboration capabilities for their global audit platform, KPMG Clara. Peppermint Technology, in collaboration with Pinsent Masons, employs SharePoint Embedded for its legal document management system, utilizing AI-infused discovery and robust security measures.

How to Get Started:

If you’re at ESPC23 in Amsterdam, catch the unveiling of SharePoint Embedded in Microsoft’s keynote on November 28. The public preview is available now, with general availability planned for mid-2024. It operates under pay-as-you-go consumption terms, eliminating the need for additional user licenses.

Next Steps:

  • Get details on the setup and activation here
  • Read more about the annoucement here

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