Another Copilot Experience Comes To SharePoint Online

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that another Copilot experience is coming to SharePoint. This new one joins the one already rolling out to enable users to create content within SharePoint.

Click-to-copilot, as it was referred to, is a new feature in SharePoint that enables users to create custom copilots grounded in specific data. As opposed to a copilot for the editing experience, this one targets the viewing experience.

Lets look at some of the features of this new copilot experience:

A copilot for every site

Every site owner can quickly enable a custom copilot that’s grounded in just that one site. Even normal users with edit permissions on a site can create their own copilot with a few clicks.

Advanced customization

Need to modify the default behavior? or additional knowledge sources? Just hop into Copilot Studio to add in the fancier stuff. There’ll be a button right inside SharePoint to take you straight into Copilot Studio so you can begin making this copilot your own.

Pro code copilots

Want to get even more advanced? You can create pro code copilots in Visual Studio to get just the functionality you need, and still make it the default copilot for the site. Whether you want to start the easy way, or dive straight into custom code, there’s something for everyone in this feature.

Sharing is caring

A site’s custom copilot can be shared with others, similar to other SharePoint content. It really couldn’t be easier! And when that user accesses the copilot, it’ll still respect their security and they’ll only see things they have access to.

Security is key

Just like with other copilots, the data you have access to is no different than before copilots existed. If you can access the data outside of copilot, you can access it inside. Of course, you still want to ensure you have proper data governance and that your information is properly protected with a combination of permissions and Purview labels (where appropriate)

How to get access

There’s currently a private preview signup so you can get access. That’s the only option right now if you want to start trying this amazing feature out. Later this year we’ll get a public preview, so if you couldn’t get in before, you should be able to then.

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